St. Petersburg woman lost 80 pounds cooking with Carbquik and eating D’Lites ice cream

In her lifelong fight to be fit, Debbie Barber, 52, has tried everything from A to Z: Atkins to Zone diets and all the body wraps, diet shakes and cabbage soups in between.

Nothing worked.

That was until last summer when she came up with a personalized approach that works for her, a hybrid of religious faith and low-calorie foods. Among them: a nightly frozen treat.

“I’ve lost a ton of weight eating D’Lites ice cream,” she said. “It’s cholesterol-free, low-carb, low-fat, low-sugar and only 50 calories a serving. It tastes great and comes in all sorts of flavors.”

Excerpt from the Tampa Bay Times. Full article here.


Katie Durham, NC:

“My fiancé (then boyfriend) wrote you the e-mail below this past Christmas to inquire about getting the D’lites ice cream mix to accompany his gift of a soft serve machine. (He did end up buying me a miniature soft-serve machine for home use!) However, I am writing to inform you that this past weekend, he asked me to marry him with a D’lites-themed proposal. I am currently living in North Carolina while he is still in Gainesville, FL. We planned a vacation to Key West and he brought down (on dry ice) enough D’lites from Gainesville to last through our vacation. The Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at was nice in accommodating the ice cream during our stay. On our third night, he proposed in the midst of the D’lites routine that we had established during the vacation. During our 2-year courtship, we have had D’lites almost every night that we’ve spent together, so it was a very appropriate proposal. I just thought that you’d like to know how D’lites has impacted our lives in a significant way. Thanks so much for your wonderful product. We will be settling in Durham, NC, and we’re hopeful that you consider opening stores in that area of the country.”


Carol Cooper City, Florida:

The owners of D’lites are not just friends, they are like family. I have been shopping at D’lites since they opened their doors in 1982. Whenever I have a question about a product, I know they will always give me the honest truth. I have sent my friends and family to D’lites because they have a reputation for honesty.


Amy Boca Raton, Florida:

I found D’lites 10 years ago when I joined Weight Watchers. After every meeting we all go for our ice cream treat and to see any new products they have gotten in. Not once in 10 years have I or any of my friends been disappointed. If D’lites sells a product you can trust what is on the label.


Bill Lighthouse Point, Florida:

D’lites has been my diet doctor for maybe 12 years. During that time I have been on Sugar Busters, The Zone, Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach and maybe one or two others. I have changed diets more times then I can remember, but I have never stopped shopping at D’lites. They always have products that are designed for my “diet of the year”. D’lites helps you separate fact from fiction, and that’s good enough for me.


Norma Coral Gables, Florida:

It is over 20 years since I started shopping at D’lites and I still ask Susan & Jerry how do they stay so trim and fit. They tell me it is not difficult when you practice what you preach. Actually, I have done quite well listening to what they have to say. I took off 27 pounds 8 years ago and have maintained my weight, give or take a pound or two, since. I ask a diet question and get a straightforward answer in plain English.


Joan Tamarac, Florida:

I moved to Florida five years ago from Maine. I realized I could no longer hide my weight by wearing big, bulky clothes for nine months a year! My friend took me to her favorite store, D’lites Emporium. I wanted to learn about the Dr. Atkins diet. Jerry, the owner, spent over an hour explaining how and why the diet worked, what foods to eat, which vitamins to take, and how to read nutrition label. He made me feel like I was speaking to Dr. Atkins himself. To make a long story short, six months later and 38 lbs. lighter is better than I ever expected. D’lites, thanks!!

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