Ice Cream & Bakery Products


Develop healthy habits at D’Lites. Our core product offering is a premium light ice cream in chocolate, vanilla, and a combination twist. Through the use of custom flavor extracts, we are capable of supplying over 150 special flavors on a rotating basis. Our menu will offer the chocolate, vanilla and twist product daily, with a choice of 4 additional “flavors of the day”. Combined with the standard cone or cups of ice cream, we will also offer sundaes, milk shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and blenders. There will be take home pints, quarts, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches and cakes.


D’Lites is a healthier alternative to regular ice cream with more than 100 great tasting and guilt free flavors. Our low fat D’Lites swirl ice cream and frozen yogurt gives you the taste and texture that sets D’Lites Emporium apart from every company and product in the industry.  D’lites…it is so incredibly great tasting, you won’t believe that it is cholesterol and gluten free, contains no artificial sweeteners, and is so low in fat, carbs, calories and sodium that it may be enjoyed by those on the strictest of diets!



Not in the mood for a light ice cream or frozen yogurt?  Or are you lactose intolerant? At D’Lites we carry 4 rich and delicious premium ice creams and 2 dairy free sorbets. Our premium hard ice

creams and sorbets are made locally with the best quality ingredients. The ice cream is so rich, creamy and tasteful that you will be amazed. We carry some exclusive and different flavors like the colorful favorite: Cotton candy.


Not in the mood for ice cream? Don’t you worry.  Come to D’Lites and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea. At D’Lites, we carry only the freshest coffee and NUMI Tea. Our coffee and tea is Certified Organic and Fair Trade.


The D’Lites milk shakes are so thick and creamy  that you won’t believe they are extremely low in calories, carbs, sugar and fat. Choose any of our premium  light  ice cream and mix it with low fat milk. Not enough? We can blend your milk shake with any of our delicious toppings.



This is the ultimate frozen dessert. The D’Lites Snow Flurry is the perfect combination of your favorite premium D’Lites ice cream and your favorite toppings. We make it perfect for you. It is simply 16 oz. of happiness.


Enjoy at home the whole flavor of D’Lites with our Ice Cream Sandwich Packs. These are made daily in our store with our different flavors of the day. Bring them to your next party or reunion and enjoy them with your friends. With 2 delicious chocolate wafers and 4 oz. of D’Lites light ice cream. This is a great low calorie dessert.


Bring home our D’Lites ice cream Pints and Quarts. We offer a variety of flavors rotating daily for you to take home.


100% handmade and 100% ice cream, our D’Lites cakes are simply extraordinary. The base of the cake is D’Lites vanilla ice cream mixed with cookie crunch, topped with a hard chocolate shell, layered with  D’Lites chocolate fudge ice cream, frosted with  chocolate fudge or vanilla ice cream and colorfully decorated.

The medium round cake serves 5 to 6 people and the large round cake serves 10 to 12 people.   You can custom order a cake with any of our daily flavors at no extra charge, please call 48 hours in advance and we will have it ready for you. We can also special make sheet cakes for larger parties.

Bring a D’Lites cake to your next party and everyone can enjoy a guilt free dessert!


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