D’lites is the original pioneer of the low calorie, low fat, no artificial sweetener soft serve frozen ice cream that is sweeping across America. Each D’lites Ice Cream Shop is an independently owned and licensed purveyor of D’’lites Brand products. Established in 1982 we have been “delighting” loyal patrons for 29 years!

D’lites ice cream is low in sodium, sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. It is cholesterol free, and a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. Our low fat ice cream gives you the taste and texture that sets D’’lites Ice Cream apart from every company and product in the industry.

D’’lites frozen ice cream always tastes excellent because we use only the best ingredients and freshly prepared finest toppings. Our ice cream is simply irresistible!

D’Lites is Ice Cream! LOW calorie, LOW carb, LOW sugar, LOW fat… HUGE FLAVOR!

Our product is low sodium, cholesterol free, made with NO artifical sweeteners, NO sugar alcohols, kosher, NO gluten, NO wheat, NO rye oat, NO barley. BEST OF ALL… NO Guilt!!

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